Temperatures to rise along with ozone pollution

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Hot weather and ozone pollution are making a comeback, weather authorities say.

High temperature hit more than 33 degrees. Sunny skies are predicted for both days. It will be cloudy to overcast for the rest of the week, but the high will hover around 30 degrees, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

Shanghai saw slight to moderate air pollution, with ozone being the major pollutant.

The index will read between 120 and 140 this afternoon, indicating light air pollution. It will reach between 135 and 155 tomorrow, entering the moderate pollution range which starts at 150.

Slight pollution can still be expected on Thursday, the center said.

Ozone pollution is created near the Earth’s surface by daylight ultra violet rays, and is more prevalent in summer.

The release of volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide from manufacturing can also create ozone pollution.

According to a report issued by the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau last week, Shanghai’s ozone pollution rose last year due to the heat. Among the 90 most polluted days in 2017, ozone was the major pollutant in 52 days.

Source: SHINE Editor: Xu Qing – 2018-06-12


Source: SHINE Editor: Xu Qing